Welcome! Here is some preliminary info for summer 2021 courses @ 42people in sunny Devon... update:31stMarch

42people provides chilled 3day weekends to forget about lockdowns! With laid-back courses and music thrown in, they're always 3 days long, always £25 per day, with both shared and separate activities for adults and kids to give you the space apart you've not had over the last rubbish 'Corona' year.

WONDERFUL PHOTOS + more info here>>>

42people is run by Helen and Jonas who also run a pushback radio station @ DevonCommunityRadio.com , we're lucky enough to have the space to offer these events which are completely offgrid and solar-powered. We expect you folk to abandon your tech for the time you're with us... let go the phone, laptop and your car.


42people weekends are likely to run from June 24th this year. We've only just started two weeks ago and have lots of interest, so you need to book, please email here>>>